Monday, August 12, 2013

Be YOU tiful!

Words to live by :)

Out of the canvases I've made in the last year or so, thisis the one that is most truly "done by hand." I didn't use any stencils for the lettering, just used my fanciest cursive and own "bubble letter" font and ta-dah! 

I did buy a pack of paint pens from Michael's for the gold letters, though. It came along with a silver and black pen that have been really great for other projects I've done.

Jefferson's Rotunda


Made this a while back but just recently got around to posting about it... This was fun and not hard to do! The process was not very conventional, but I enlarged a cartoon of the Rotunda and cut out the individual pieces. Then, I placed them on a large blue canvas that I painted, traced the various parts, and came out with this. 

Gotta love UVa. :)