Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY: Bedazzled pointe shoes

Before I lose my blogging jive for the day, I'm posting a brief tutorial with directions and photos for making one of my favorite projects of this summer.

A few weeks ago, I saw on Pinterest a black and white photograph of pointe shoes that appear to have been coated in silver sequins. I thought that was such a cool way to use/"upcycle" old, raggedy pointe shoes, so I decided to try to recreate this project. I really wanted to make this to eventually hang them on my bedroom wall in my apartment this upcoming year.

To do this, I needed:

1 pair of pointe shoes
A paint brush (mine was about 1 inch wide)
Mod podge (I know it's sold at Michael's and WalMart for as cheap as about $3. You don't need much glue for this project, just enough for a thin coat to cover both shoes. )
Glitter (I was torn between two colors, so I bought one small container of fuchsia, one of baby pink, and mixed them in a plastic cup)
Newspapers to protect the surface on which I was doing this project -- that way, the glitter wouldn't go everywhere, and I could reuse any excess that fell from the shoes.
Clear spray paint (I found this at Lowe's for about $7.)

It was a really simple project. I dipped my paintbrush in mod podge, and in sections, I then used that to cover the shoes. Then, I shook the glitter from the plastic cup onto the portions of my shoe that were still wet from the glue. I thought this way, the glitter would stay on top of the glue instead of getting buried in it if I simply dipped my shoe in the glitter cup. Because I did not try that second method, I don't know how it would work. To completely cover my shoes the way that I did, I spent about 1 hr on them. Also, there were times when I lightly rolled my shoes in the glitter, still to avoid the glitter getting embedded in the glue. I didn't want a clumpy look...

After covering my shoes with glue then glitter, I let them hang outside to dry, and once they had, I put glue and glitter on the spots that weren't as sparkly as I wanted. Once this had dried over the course of about an hour, I sprayed the shoes with the clear paint to keep the glitter intact and to prevent it from falling everywhere when I actually put these on my wall in the fall.

Overall, a reeeeally easy and fun project. Here are some photos to help explain this project a little better. If you try it, good luck! :)


  1. I like it! So pretty!

  2. Hi where did you purchase the glitter, and was it in fine strands.