Monday, June 18, 2012


The last few days have been packed with so many random (but good) events and happenings.

Friday was my first day leading crafts and working with "BV 2012," my church's weekly (minus a couple of Fridays) summer program with an Olympics theme to it. I arrived at 10 to begin figuring out how to make the somewhat last-minute craft we had chosen for that day, which would be an Olympic torch. Two hours later, I had the hang of my craft and went down to the fellowship hall to eat lunch with all the kids. I was so excited to be there because they, even from my first moments with them, gave off a fun vibe, and I could tell they were happy to be there, which made me happy, too.

After lunch, we sang some songs together and learned about Eric Lidell, an amazing Olympic runner from the 1920s. He refused to run the 100-meter race for the Olympic games because the event was on Sunday, his day of worship. Many of his fans were pretty disappointed in his decision because they wanted to see him bring home a victory for Britain. In the end, though, he did not let down his people because he began training for the 400-meter and ultimately won a gold for this event. His defeat was pretty impressive since many thought that he was simply not fit to run this particular race, as he had practiced for the 400-meter so little in comparison to the 100. Right before he began the race, someone slipped this Bible verse from 1 Samuel 2:30 into his hand, "Those who honor me I will honor." His story of true faith, dedication, and hard work was uplifting to hear. 

Here's a clip from the end of the movie. Pretty awesome guy, huh?

The rest of the afternoon consisted of a brief Bible study for the kids and some time in crafts with me. From 2:30 until about 4:30, we went to the city pool and had a blast swimming and playing in the water. I think I was a taxi service more than anything else since four kids kept asking for piggy back rides around the pool. They were crazy but so cute and fun. :) 

So many craft supplies!

My day was definitely a lot better than my Friday night, though. We got some bad news about my grandpa's health. He's had a couple of different types of cancer for some years now, but his health has deteriorated so much in the last six months especially. In March, my grandparents agreed to have Hospice come into their home to help take care of my grandpa and check on him in ways that my grandma simply could not. Although I knew that accepting Hospice care means an individual is terminally ill and often has little time left, I was happy and honestly surprised by how well my grandpa was doing when we saw him twice in May. He looked more frail than I've ever seen him, and he eats a lot less than he once did, but he still had a sense of humor, could walk, and was able to chat with my parents and me when we were at their home in Richmond. 

However, our last visit with them in May is the last one we will ever get to have with both of them in their home. Thursday, my grandparents went out with my aunt and uncle to a restaurant in Richmond. When they came home, my grandpa told his daughter and son-in-law to walk up the sidewalk steps to their home first because he is too nice and traditional for his own good and let them go ahead. Meanwhile, my grandma was reminding him from outside of their basement door that they normally go in that way because he would have a rail inside to get up those steps. The outdoor steps he wanted to walk up don't have a rail on either side. So while my aunt and uncle were at the entry door and my grandma at the basement door, my grandpa tried walking up the path and fell backwards down two or three steps. My family immediately called an ambulance, which arrived within 5 minutes. It took them 45 minutes to move him into the vehicle, and he was in so much pain because he broke his hip and got bruised very badly. Although the surgery to fix his hip could have been horrible and the end of his life, he did have a successful procedure on Saturday. But he will never return home and is probably going to a nursing home sometime either this week or next. I'm sad about the whole situation simply because there is not very much I can do. I am happy, though, that we were able to take good pictures all together on a visit in May so I have those memories on record and can look at those whenever. We may be visiting him sometime soon.


Since Saturday, I've spent my time doing various projects to get my mind on other things. I worked on my parents' rental property, painting and cleaning windows for the nice lady who lives there. That evening, I set up a 4th of July tree for my grandma in BV; it's basically a more patriotic spin to a Christmas tree. :p She likes having a seasonal tree in her house, and it was good to help her do that and just spend time with her for a few hours. 

In the midst of those two projects, I was also working over the weekend on a personal one for my new apartment. Although this took forever, it was worth it since it matches everything in my room pretty well. :) 

This is going to need a little more paint on the letters, but it's basically done. Yay!

Anyhow, this post has been waaaayy long, so I'll add more later about my adventures in my new apartment and around Charlottesville over the next few days. :)


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