Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy Bee

Yesterday was so packed with projects that I can barely tell you about all of them. But actually, I really cannot tell you about them because a huuuuge portion of the day went to crafting away for John's birthday. In due time, they will be fair game for this blog, though. :)

I did, however, work on a small end table for my apartment. My grandmother went through her house and found the perfect addition for my room! It went from looking like this:

to this (2 coats of white paint later):

Painting this was surprisingly harder than I would have thought. For one, our paint was a bit tricky, since it hadn't been used in a while and had some awkward clumps and blobs within the can. I had to pick out lots of these once the furniture was painted, but in the end, it turned out pretty well. Getting in close to all of the corners and making it look neat was not an easy task, either. But now that it's done, I think it will fit right in with the rest of my white furniture.

I also was able to hang out with one of my best friends, Lynsie, and get some tasty Sweet Frog with her before she leaves to help out with freshman orientation at her college. This is awesome for her, but I am still confused... When did we stop being freshmen ourselves and become juniors in college?! Unreal.

Lynsie is a great friend, though, and let me indulge in watching part of So You Think You Can Dance while we were hanging out. I've been able to watch half of the episodes that have come on this season, and I love it just as much as ever. The producers definitely include the sweet, sad, and shocking background stories of many of the dancers to make better television, but I still fall for them every time. Last night, there was a man named Leroy Martinez who started an organization called Peacemakers, which provides kids a safe place during after school hours for creativity, especially through dance. He was a great dancer but not as skilled or trained as many of the others who appear on the show, so he unfortunately did not make it through to Vegas. Nonetheless, the show ended with me feeling like the happiest person alive because of this sweet story. I'm such a sap sometimes. 

Here's an example from a few weeks back that shows that SYTYCD knows how to tug on your heartstrings.

Oh, and then Kristen showed up while we were in the middle of watching CSI at my house. The episode got a little too intense and scary for me, so I'm glad I had their company.

Can't you see why they make everything better?


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